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Amazon Prime Customer Service Phone Number: Hello everyone! Welcome to my special amazon prime customer service phone number USA guide site. You are probably here because you all want to know about the amazon prime customer service phone number. What is Amazon Prime? This question pops-up when you hear about this thing. Call Us Now:

Amazon Prime is another service of the company group Amazon. For this service a membership fee has to be paid per year. As an alternative, the amazon prime membership customer service offered by Amazon Prime can also be tested free of charge for 30 days free of charge. Only after this period will the corresponding fees be charged. Included in the service are, among other things, special offers and a free premium shipment. In this way the goods are even faster at the customer.

amazon prime customer service number

In addition – call amazon prime customer service, the Prime customers can also watch different films and series online via a special streaming channel. And even song can be heard through Amazon Prime Music. This offer also applies to whole music albums. There is even the possibility of a lightning shipment, if it should be a bit even faster. And also storage space is available to customers with Amazon Prime. This allows unlimited photos to  be stored.


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All those interested in this offer can contact customer service number for amazon prime. The only requirement is the minimum age of 18 years. When contracting with Amazon Prime, therefore, the majority must be proven. In addition, the membership fee of $99 has to be paid at once. An installment payment is not possible. But as already mentioned, all customers have the opportunity Amazon Prime for a period of 30 days simply times to test. In this test room are also all sorts of offers and services available so that Amazon Prime can really be fully utilized. Not only customers from Germany can use Amazon Prime, but also interested parties from Austria. In

In the future, other countries will also be able to use the offer from Amazon Prime. When this is the case, however, is still not certain. Amazon Prime is an excellent way to make your everyday life a little more effective and, above all, easier. Above all, the large range of services and features appeal to most customers.



Your friend maybe subscribed to it and you don’t know what exactly it is. Some of the peoples are more forward to all these things and some are not even interested. Technology is growing day-by-day and many new things are being invented. So, we have to be upgraded with all latest gadgets and technology & sprint customer service phone number.

Technology may makes you lazy enough, but sometimes it helps a lot in your work. Even you can operate your whole business with the help of new gadgets. In-short, we have to be step forward in all these things. Some things make you entertain to make your life stress free, some make you earn money.

This is something that makes your life stress free and on other side, it makes money for Amazon. This feature makes you entertain with Amazon Prime Movies & TV Shows/Series. Not only you can watch movies and tv series through it, but also there are many more features of it.

Amazon Prime service number

Here I will discuss all the things related to this new Amazon feature. I will tell you all the amazon prime benefits, features, drawbacks and many more things. This site will cover all your question, regarding amazon prime subscription. Now let’s talk about more in detail.

How much does amazon prime cost? This is the main question arises in mind when you think about purchasing it. The Amazon Prime Membership Costs $99 per year. You can avail all the features of this subscription for $99/year. Call : amazon prime customer care

Benefits for Subscription of Amazon Prime : Firstly, let me clear your doubt about exactly what is amazon prime? Amazon Prime is the service which is provided by the Amazon. This subscription can cut off your extra shipping costs and deliver you products at your doorstep more faster. How? Let’s assume you are searching for some product on, as you trust this shopping site more than any other. You found a product that you were searching for and added to cart. But then, what happen is, there is some addition amount added in your billing and that is shipping cost. If you purchase low cost product, you have to pay extra for the shipping. But it can be free when you subscribe to the amazon prime and the product is amazon fulfilled. Now you got it why I said it cut off your extra shipping costs.

Now, how can it deliver the product more faster? Well, you ordered your product which is amazon fulfilled, usually it may take up-to a week to deliver a product. If you have this special subscription you can get your product in 2-days. Yes! It gives you the free 2-days delivery on any product.

If you do online shopping more often, so you can assume the benefits of it. These two feature can totally worth of the whole money. If you don’t do much shopping, here is the another great feature. With this subscription you can watch movies, tv shows and episodes totally free. You can also listen to the music/songs online with amazon prime. You can access this features from os x, ios, android, windows and from website.

If you love watching movies, you can access to the 1000s of movies and stream unlimited online. You can get all these features free with amazon prime subscription, Dial amazon prime customer service 1-800.

It is still not over, yet another feature is remaining. You can also borrow a Kindle book for a month. You can lend from over 350,000 books in amazon kindle library. If you don’t do much shopping and don’t like to watch movie, you must be having interest in book reading. So, this is the bunch of great features for the price tag of $99 per year.


If you do shopping more often and you product costs are not high you can avail this. If you don’t, but have interest in movies, songs, tv serials, reading book than also you can avail.

If you can wait longer for you product to deliver. If you don’t do shopping more frequent and that products costs higher amount. And also having no interest in online streaming & Kindle. This feature won’t be beneficial for you.

If you talk about the price. The price of this subscription is not much higher. You can cover the whole amount if you do much shopping and do watch movies online. In-short, what you are getting in this price range with all these benefits, it is totally worth it. I should recommend you to subscribe it, if you can take all these benefits.


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  • Music
  • Ebook
  • Vedio

amazon prime phone number

Amazon Prime Music

Various albums and songs are available in a large selection. Music lovers will always get their money’s worth. Customers can look forward to a music genre without advertising. For who wants to hear annoying advertising inserts, while enjoying his favorite music.

Music is an important part of life for many people. And therefore, searching for different songs and albums for many people is always very important. But always with different providers to look for the right songs and albums.

Amazon Prime Music-Current hits and classics

While some vendors only specialize in current songs or older hits, the music lovers at Amazon Prime Music can look forward to the whole range of music. Because here there are both the current chart storms, as well as the classics or simply good music, which can be heard again and again. The songs and albums can be put as MP3 in the shopping cart and heard again and again. If Amazon Prime is also used on a mobile device, the selected songs and albums can also be heard on the road. In addition, the radio is also available to customers.

Amazon Prime eBook

Amazon Prime Ebook books are already a great thing. And an eBook is still a better way to satisfy your own reading star.But where should you always get the appropriate eBooks? Quite clear from Amazon Prime eBook . In addition to the many other advantages of Amazon Prime ,customers can also borrow eBooks here. And every month anew. There are different and, above all, very many eBooks available to the interested. This way, boredom never comes back when reading. Because once an eBook is over, it can be started again with a new one.

What distinguishes Amazon Prime eBook?

Anyone who has decided to become a member of Amazon Prime can also borrow an eBook every month. Which eBooks have been borrowed can always be identified by their own page. You can also test the performance of Amazon Prime eBook for 30 days free of charge, as with all other offers. Only then the contract goes into a paid membership.

With this membership, customers have the option to borrow a new eBook every month. The borrowed eBooks can always be returned at any time. There is never a return period.

Amazon Prime Ebook-For all those who love eBooks: If you’ve always had a passion for eBooks, Amazon Prime eBooks will be a real pleasure. Because even an eBook needs a little

There are four weeks time, sometimes enough, until the next eBook can be borrowed. In addition, the selection of eBooks at Amazon Prim is so extensive that everyone can find just the right thing for their own tastes. The appropriate reading can be found at any time and at any time. Never again has one to be bored and has nothing to read.

What exactly is Amazon Prime Student?

Even as a student you would not want to do without certain things in life. And this is exactly what Amazon has recognized. The company has also created a very attractive offer for students. This includes:

  • Free delivery with Amazon Prime the next day to Germany and within 1-2 days to Austria
  • Exclusive offers for students
  • Free unlimited photo storage via Amazon Cloud Drive
  • 5 EUR voucher for each friend who logs in to Amazon Student
  • Over a million songs, selected playlists and your own personal radio.Unlimited and without advertising  .
  • Unlimited streaming of thousands of movies and serial episodes with Prime Video
  • Loan of Kindle-book free per month from Kindle

Amazon Prime Student can also offer customers a certain  trial period. This period is 12 months. Amazon prime phone number customer service USA & amazon prime phone number customer service CA are available

During this period the students have a free membership of Amazon Prime. 50% of the actual membership fee is payable after this period. Not included in the free offer of Amazon Prime Student are the last three points, which can be used only after 12 months, even if the corresponding membership fee is paid.

 Advantage of Amazon Prime Student.

As a student, it is not always so easy. And, of course, the financial opportunities of a student are not always as rosy as one might imagine. But at least at Amazon, students have very good cards.

What we are dealing with here, let us now first clarify. Because the offer is definitely very interesting and should be tried just once. This offer is terminable at any time.

Amazon Prime Video

There is now Amazon Prime Video. And this service is really something that should not be missing in any budget. Because Amazon Prime can be just something that many can not.Just watch a movie on the sofa and relax? Not only does this sound great, but it is also the ultimate option for many people to finally get rid of stressful everyday life. Unfortunately, this venture is usually much more difficult than imagined. Unfortunately, the television does not always produce so much to be really relaxed in the tube to be able to look. For this reason, an alternative has to be made. But a DVD does not always have to be.

The possibilities of Amazon Prime Video

Currently, Amazon Prime Video provides users with 15,000 movies and series. These can all be viewed at any time. Whether it’s a blockbuster or your own favorite series, which can be seen on Amazon Prime Video also in the original sound. So there is nothing to stop an unhappy television enjoyment. Under circumstances ,the films and series of Amazon Prime Video can also be seen on the smartphone or the tablet. If you like it but a bit nicer, connects the PC to the TV and can the corresponding offer in peace.

Best of Amazon Prime video

As with many other Amazon Prime offers, customers can also use the Amazon Prime Video offer free of charge for 30 days free of charge. Of course, not all films and series of Amazon Prime Video can be viewed at this time, since the offer is constantly being expanded and renewed. After the expiration, the corresponding annual contribution of EUR 49 is due. The nice thing about Amazon Prime Video is, of course, that the latest blockbusters can be viewed at a very early stage, without having to visit the cinema. Already for this reason Amazon Prime Video is worthwhile for all those who would like to see a good movie or an exciting series. For more Info Call us on amazon prime customer service number.

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